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How much can I earn?

You get 20% commission on each sale you refer directly. If you refer new affiliates under your affiliate link, you can also get passive income from sales of your downline network of affiliates.

Commission structure:

Level 1: You get 20% on each sale you refer directly.

Level 2: You get additional 4% if you refer affiliate John and he makes a direct sale.

Level 3: You get additional 3% if affiliate John refers another affiliate Lisa who makes a direct sale.

Level 4: You get additional 2% if affiliate Lisa refers another affiliate Emma who makes a direct sale.

Level 5: You get additional 1% if affiliate Emma refers another affiliate Mark who makes a direct sale.

When will I recieve a commission?

You will recieve an instant sale notification if a reffering customer placed an order within 90 days after clicking your affiliate link. Your commission will be approved after 30 days the customer recieved a product.Your payment will be made with PayPal when your approved commissions reach minimum payout of 50$.

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You don't need any money to join our program. You can refer as many people as you want, and the more people you refer, the more commissions you can potentially make.

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